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4 Reasons You May Want To Replace Your Deck

To tear down, or not to tear down...

Spring has arrived! As everything has melted, it’s the perfect time to evaluate the health of your deck. Winters can be brutal, and sometimes it can do more damage than we realize. This is why inspecting your deck earlier is always better. Don’t let this task get behind in your queue, as you’re going to want to get ahead of this so you can actually enjoy your deck once the summer months are in full swing.

Deck Damage

Here’s a full-stop statement: if your deck is over six years old, you’ll want to hire a professional to conduct an inspection. Considering Indiana’s dramatic seasonal changes, temperature volatility can affect the inherent stability of your deck.

If your deck has outlived its regulations, you’re definitely going to want to hire someone to run a full inspection so you know what you’re actually in for. If you’re not comfortable with entertaining building inspectors and interpreting code, this isn’t something you’re going to want to attempt on your own.

2. Your railings are falling apart.

Do your railing posts feel loose? If they’re shaky to the touch, you may be dealing with an underlying instability that goes beyond the railings themselves. The stability of individual posts along your deck are a direct reflection of the stability of your entire deck. Don’t make the mistake of compartmentalizing them in your mind. Your deck is really only as strong as its weakest point.

3. Your deck exhibits severe discoloration.

Even the best lumber will discolor given enough time. Pressure-treatments, stains and protective paints help, but nature always prevails. Don’t overlook stains and widespread discoloration as it typically spells trouble for the greater condition of your deck’s wood. Remember: it’s not about aesthetics. It’s about foot traffic. You want your deck to be able to handle the weight of your grill, table, and whatever else you’ve got in store for it. The last thing you want is a soft spot that cracks and fissures over time.

4. Your deck exhibits areas of rot.

Sometimes a sagging presence is enough to pinpoint the location of deck rot, even if it’s not visible at the surface. That’s the underlying issue with rot – it doesn’t always advertise itself. It’s often invisible, and once it starts there’s not a whole lot you can do besides replace the entire affected area. If left to its own devices, rot will continue to erode the inside of your deck and make it more susceptible to termites and other pests. If you’re continuously finding hardware or screws on the ground that have popped out of place, you’re going to want to replace the actual deck.

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