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How to spot deck damage...

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The fact is, over time, weather will destroy your deck. Try as you might to stave off its effects, weather always wins in the end. What follows are some tried and true tips for spotting deck damage before it becomes something serious.

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Let's talk about water damage

Most of us seal our deck once after it’s new, and then completely forget about it. Year after year, we come up with excuses as to why we neglect our decks. All sealants wear off given enough time. There is no magical formula that makes a deck sealant work for all of time.

You have to regularly re-apply deck sealant. If you are unsure of what deck sealant to apply, you can consult with a RVCG professional by scheduling a free estimate: (574) 210-5951

Here’s a quick trick to help you ascertain the integrity of your existing sealant. Splash water over your deck and check for places where water no longer beads on the surface. If the sealant is still in tact, the water will bead continuously before falling off the side of your deck or drying completely. If you see any of the water seeping into the wood, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands. As moisture is absorb, the wood will begin to rot from the inside out. And if you’re just noticing a lack of sealant there’s no telling how long the sealant’s been inactive.

If you do choose to immediately seal your deck, ensure you clean the surface thoroughly and ALWAYS replace damaged wood. If there is sustained water damage, sealing it up again will only trap the moisture inside. It won’t do anything to prevent a continuous rot until your lumber falls apart.

Aside from being an eyesore, the other telltale sign of deck deterioration is a fading, chipping, or peeling of the wood’s color over time. As most wood ages, you may notice a grey pigment emerging. If your deck starts to look more grey than beige, you’ll likely want to take a much closer look for wood rot. If the wood itself seems perfectly fine, this is simply an aesthetic issue you may want to use either cleaner or wood brightener to rectify. But don’t forget to reseal your deck after you feel your wood has retained its original look and feel.

All of the above notwithstanding, there is another route to take when dealing with quickly deteriorating deck wood. Composite decks offer far more protection from the elements and hence far greater longevity. If there is enough damage to contend with, seriously consider rebuilding your deck with composite materials. We can make it look and feel like wood, but without all of the cumbersome maintenance issues that will keep you working year after year to retain its original luster.

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