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4 Kinds of Deck Lighting

What to plan for ahead of your deck build… Deck Lighting Thinking about building a deck this summer? Lighting is one of those things that people think about in the abstract, as though it’s unaffected by the structures that both house it and sit around it. The fact is, if you’re at all interested in building a deck you should solidify your lighting plans before you start, not afterwards. Bake Lighting Into Your Design… Don’t Wait to consider lighting options Everything depends upon the kind of lighting. Once you’ve got your deck in place, you’re not going to want to

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Choosing the right composite decking material

So you’ve made the decision to use composite material for your deck: excellent choice! Because composite material has been around for a while and comes in so many shapes and varieties, you may feel like you don’t know where to start. Let the following five questions be your guide to finding the appropriate composite decking material for your property!

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Deck Building Codes and Requirements

Excited to add a deck to your home? Excellent decision! Decks can add to both the beauty and value of your house. That said, there is always a price to be paid for construction, and by far the biggest headache for most homeowners is the obtaining of a building permit.

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Composite Decks that look like Wood

If you’re wondering to yourself, how real can a composite deck actually feel? You’re in good company. The question comes up a lot, and has far more to do with the type of composite decking material you select than it does with composite decking material in general. The reality is, there are far more options when it comes to composite decks relative to wood decks. After you dive into the world of composite, you likely won’t want to leave…

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