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Building Your Custom Home

5 Things to Consider When Building Your Custom Home

5 Things to Consider When Building Your Custom Home 1. Location. So, you have a gorgeous floorplan in an up-and-coming subdivision, ready for beautiful new homes, happy families, and you can’t wait to get started. Let’s do this. But before we do, let’s look at that floorplan and your location as one solid piece. You’ll love the picture window in your bedroom that you’ve been eyeballing from a Pinterest board since you started this project—until it’s aimed right at your neighbor’s pool. It doesn’t mean you don’t get your window; it just means you must be conscious of your home

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Choosing the right composite decking material

Five Questions For… Choosing the Right Composite decking material What questions are the right questions? So you’ve made the decision to use composite material for your deck: excellent choice! Because composite material has been around for a while and comes in so many shapes and varieties, you may feel like

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Deck Ideas For Your Backyard

When people build a deck on the back of their home, they intend to make the most use of their yard. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this. The one thing that sometimes bites homeowners in the backend is that there’s a difference between your total yard space and your total usable yard space when it comes to building another structure. Many cities will not let you build next to the property line, so knowing how much building space you actual have is incredibly important.

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Deck Building Codes and Requirements

How familiar are you with… Deck Building codes and regulations This alone is an excellent reason for hiring professionals Excited to add a deck to your home? Excellent decision! Decks can add to both the beauty and value of your house. That said, there is always a price to be

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